What Happens When You Are Starting A Blog When You’ve Had Enough

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Starting a blog is not something that Rob or I could have imagined doing just a few months ago.  Hell, I am not sure we even knew what a blog was.  None the less, this is our account of what happens when you start a blog when you’ve had enough of the 9 to 5.

The realization that our nest was empty and our babies had gone out to face the world hit hard.  Feelings of denial, immense joy and pride, tainted with the realization that the most important chapter of our lives came to a close.

To find focus and to identify our dreams, Rob and I are continually setting challenges for ourselves.  Challenges that make us enjoy today while focusing us on our future.

Empty Nestin’ is the extension of our mindset.  It is our way to hold ourselves accountable while documenting our successes and failures.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, you may benefit from our 4 big reasons why we started our blog

1.  Share our experiences as we focus on celebrating our successes and learn from our shortcomings

A hair salon is an unusual place.  It is a place that, for some unknown reason, leads to an unexplainable open conversation environment.

At my last visit, I had a conversation with a young girl.  As our conversation progressed, we both realized that she went to school with our daughter.  (One of the benefit/curses of a Small town)

This connection allowed both of us to open up. Open up a bit more than a typical hair salon conversation.

Come to find out she was 17 when she had her first child.  Four years later, her second.

Two strangers, of different generations, with similar stories, left a significant impression on me.

It was when I was leaving; I truly understood how much this conversation meant to the two of us.  It was the words of this young mother that stuck with me:  “You started off at 17 and had two successful children.  Thank you so much for sharing your story.”

Growing up together is an experience that can be inspirational.  It is one of determination, patience, and the constant practice of the value of understanding.

Perhaps our story can inspire others!


2.  Improve skills and learn new information

After 25 years of having a kid at home, Rob and I are finding ourselves hobby-less.  With Rob’s passion for reading and my inquisitive spirit, starting a blog is a fit that unites our interests.

The goal of our blogging journey is to keep our minds busy while we focus on building traits and characteristics that highlight our independent thinking, our resilience, and desire to improve our communication while fueling our creativity.

3.  Connect with people like us

When you realize you are not so different from someone else, you then realize that the world is full of individuals going through similar situations.  It is our similarities that unite us.

When starting our journey of getting our finances in order, I found so many sites advising Millennials on how to manage their money.

For us, this was not helpful.  We are Gen Xers, and we raised a Millennial from the position of our guilt for working so many long hours.  The hours spent were hours making up for lost time and generally included some form of reward – – – a well-deserved prize.

Hindsight is a wicked thing.  It is one that shows you how your actions were not beneficial for either party.  We taught our kids to live for the now by living moment to moment.  The crazy thing is, they went out into the world, set budgets, and decided what their priorities are, and that is where they spend their money.  Sometimes our children are our best teachers.

Where were the blogs designed to help us figure this stuff out?

4.  The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Contagious

When our son was sixteen years old, he published his first book of poetry on Amazon.com.  At such a young age, he saw the world as a string of possibilities.  Opportunities that he was not going to let pass him up.  The kid that had no desire to throw himself into high school found an outlet that connected him to the world.  An outlet that allowed him to share his word; to share his thoughts.

To contribute in a way that left us parents fascinated.  This ability to reach beyond his four walls, the small town he grew up in, and say “hey world, this is me” triggered something inside us.  Something that allows us to see that there is so much more out there.

It is our time to follow in our son’s footsteps and join the digital world of possibilities.  Empty Nestin’ is our opportunity to throw ourselves out there and see what happens.

What Happens When You Start a Blog When You've Had Enough

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