Great Savings Accounts to Save Money For Your Future and Build Wealth

Living your dreams requires preparation and planning.  Whether you are saving up for a big purchase, a dream vacation, retirement, or just for a rainy day, there is a savings account to fit your needs.

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What’s an emergency fund and why do you need one?  Great question!

An emergency fund is a safety net savings account that helps keep you in the mindset of abundance while protecting you in the event of a financial catastrophe.

Your HSA may be your most underutilized wealth building tool! 

Your HSA is a great place to save and invest money for your healthcare costs.  This amazing account is a tax-free saving and investing account is a great place to build tax-free wealth.

Managing your money with sinking funds, you will be prepared for anything!

Budget your money with a proactive mindset and your finances naturally fall in line.  That is the idea behind sinking funds.   It is simply money set aside for known and unknown expenses.

Forming the habit of saving money can be challenging but so rewarding.  

Here are some simple, easy to apply, mindset shifts that will turn you into a saver that prioritizes life.

Okay, GenXers, I hate to break it to you, but retirements coming!

Now is the time to face reality and dig deep into your retirement planning strategy and get busy investing!

Manage your money with purpose by giving every dollar a mission!

This mind-blowing technique of using multiple bank accounts simplifies your money and helps keep you focus.

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To help you out with managing your budget, Rob and I have come up with our Free Printable Kickass Budget + Goal Planner. This is a free tool designed to help you set goals, keep track of your money and build your dream future.