How to Make Planning for Retirement Rewarding and Fun

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When we were younger, retirement seemed so far away and planning for retirement was a waste of the fun at hand.  Then one day we woke up, look in the mirror, and wonder what the hell happened.  Time flew by! 

As an empty nester, you are fully aware of what I am talking about.  So what now?  You’re going to get your sh#t together and start investing! 

When planning for your future, it is easy to get lost in the now.

When you track your net worth, you can easily see where you stand, where you have been, and where you envision going.

There are many options when it comes to planning for retirement.

Although we are not financial planners, we are happy to share with you how we are getting our sh#t together for retirement.

Your HSA may just be your best retirement savings vehicle.

Your HSA is a tax-free account that allows you to save money for your future health needs.  I is like the 401(k) on steroids!

When we get sick, we go to the doctor.  When need legal help we go to a lawyer.

When we want to know what investment options we have available, we go to a financial planner for guidance.

Opportunities to make money and improve our lives financially are all around us.

We look forward to helping you come up with great ideas that will allow you to create the life that you desire!

Before you graduate into the world of retirement, you may want to get your debt paid off.

Paying off your debt will reduce the amount of your retirement money you need to survive the world of unemployment!

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