Paying Off Debt For Financial Freedom – The Reason Why Is Unexpected

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Paying off debt is such a simple statement filled with monetary insinuations.  For Rob and me, paying off debt for financial freedom was our passage to finding one another again.  It was that point in which we called a trues and began to reevaluate our position as we realigned our priorities.  It was that conscious decision that our goal together is working for financial freedom.

The silence was so thick the mere sound of Rob or I breathing disrupted our newly empty home.  Our baby was gone, and the standoff ensued.

Was he going to leave me?  I diligently kept my eye on my husband of 25 years as I desperately searched for answers.  How can our marriage survive after our children leave home?

As I researched options that would satisfy my problem-solving personality, a light came on. How are we to have a marriage when we do not spend any time with one another?

You see, paying off debt For Financial Freedom was not even on my radar

I was looking for solutions to save my marriage.  And in my mind, our debt had nothing to do with our marriage.  We had a mortgage, a home improvement loan, and an auto loan.  From my perspective, this was normal debt and in no way were we being irresponsible with our money.

The realization that our careers left us no time for one another came to me.   We were strangers in the same house because we didn’t see each other.  My fear magically turned into a problem that we could solve.

If we were doing math, we would not have credit card debt, and we wouldn’t be in collections. This hasn’t got anything to do with math. This has got to do with behavior modification. It’s got to do with changing your behavior. Personal finance is 80% behavior. It’s only 20% head knowledge.  – Dave Ramsey

We Had Become Trapped By Our Complacency

You see, a few weeks earlier Rob mentioned to me that a position might open up at his work that offered weekends off.  Caveat:  the position came with a pay cut.

At that time, Rob and I kept our money separate.  He had his money, and I had my money.  He had his bills, and I had my bills.  Our household bills were loosely divided up between the two of us.  Together we had no clue of what our household income was, how much we paid in monthly bills, or how much we spent.

Our financial autonomy had stripped us from knowing how we funded our lives.

It was indeed an empowering moment.  Our financial decisions, or the lack of making financial decisions, kept us apart.

So how did we pay off our debt?

We communicated with one another and worked our butts off!  It is that simple!

Looking back, we realize that this was an accomplishment worth sharing.  When Rob and I were working the debt payoff process, it was stories like ours that made us realize that our goal of paying crap off was achievable.    So in a pay-it-forward fashion, we came up with the idea of starting a blog to share our story and provide some tips and tricks we used to find time to spend with one another.

Here are a few of our tips and tricks we used to pay off our $50,000 debt beast:

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Our search for our financial freedom continues

If you are anything like me, you may feel like the term financial freedom is way overused.  Financial freedom is a goal that is extremely subjective.  What I see as freedom, you may see as a prison and vice-versa.

As Rob and I progress through our journey, we are coming more and more aware of how financial freedom is a conceptual way of looking at our finances.  It is a fluid concept that supports our goal of defining our lives by how we live versus how we work.

Although we do not have all this personal finance stuff figured out, we are realistic we will never have it all figured out.  As long as we are talking, about it, we know we are winning!

Are your financial decisions impacting your ability to LIVE? What are you going to do to change it?  Share your story below!

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