How To Manifest Your Dreams Like A Badass With Jen Sincero

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So are you ready to learn how to manifest your dreams? 

Our desire for change and an improved life takes an unexpected turn in this Catalyst for Change post. An unexpected turn, as I found greatness and inspiration from an unexpected source. 

The book You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero took me by surprise a few months back.

You see, Rob and I went on a road trip, and our daughter taught us that consuming books on the road is a grand idea.  It’s perfect for entertaining, expanding the mind, and catapulting the most unexpected conversations.

We are now officially Audible junkies. [Especially me since I am not a big reader. Rob wears the sash of Official Bookworm in this house!]

So for entertainment purposes, we downloaded Jen’s book: You Are a Badass® based on the humorous title. 

My initial thought was it would be some twenty-year-old telling us about life and how to master it or a book touting “you are woman hear you roar” rah-rah book.

Either way, it was for entertainment!

Boy was I wrong. Not only is Jen a Gen Xer, but she is ten years older than me. [Born 1965] 

Is this book about female empowerment and how much men suck? Hell no!

You Are a Badass® by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass® is a wickedly insightful and humorous book that teaches you that you have the power to live the life of your dreams. This book takes the spiritual woo-woo-ness of manifesting and the Law of Attraction and turns it into an easy to digest concept that makes you feel:

  • empowered,
  • responsible for your thoughts and actions,
  • and as if you can do anything that you set your mind to!

All you have to do is stay focused, envision what you want, then work until you get it! She has mastered the craft and is here to teach you how to manifest your dreams like a badass.

So hold on tight as we delve into this the magical world of Jen Sincero!


Jen Sincero spent most of her adult life relishing in the thought that making money was for sellouts. She had such a fear of becoming a sellout that her mindset held her back from ever getting ahead.

She was a writer and had this crazy notion that if she made money, she might turn into “a greedy egomaniacal fathead for wanting more than” she already had. So instead of putting her attention to making money, she focused on how she would have enough money to pay rent this month.

After years of living life on the edge, Jen decided that the time had come that she needed to accept that her plan sucked and she needed help.

She decided to give the self-help world a try. 


  • Went to self-help seminars
  • Bonded with her spirit-guide
  • Married herself
  • Wrote a letter to her uterus
  • Hired coaches
  • To name a few attempts for enlightenment. 

Jen did all this while spending money that she did not have. She did all this because she finally decided to change. She decided that her time had come to manifest her dreams.

This is about getting mighty clear about what makes you happy and what makes you feel the most alive, and then creating it instead of pretending that you can’t have it. Or that you don’t deserve it. Or that you’re a greedy egomaniacal fathead for wanting more than you already have. Or listening to what Dad and Aunt Mary think you should be doing. – Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass®


This headline oversimplifies her story and her advice. But the thing is, the midlife wakeup call is something that happens to all of us.

We all have to ask ourselves at one point or another what we want to do with our lives? 

Is what we have today acceptable, enjoyable, fulfilling?  What I want to do for the next _____ years of my life? 

When these ideas hit, we all have to decide how we are going to respond. The thing I love about the Jen Sincero is the way she teaches that this is the exact moment to get all fired up and start making shit happen!

[Since you are reading this post, I am going to guess that you are all about taking the fired up approach! Congrats!!]

Like all of us, it is easy to be in love with our old self. For Jen, she was a rocker and an edgy artist that was never going to grow up.

[Fun fact:  Jen was in the band Crotch]

Jen’s book, You Are a Badass® exposes you to all of the craziness that she went through when she finally decided to take charge of her life.

When we were listening to her book, Rob and I had to pause this book so many times as we related to her story and advice.  

After living a life of following the rules and keeping ourselves grounded, we went through the same craziness and drank the same Koolaide about a year before hearing this book.  

You know, the flavor of Koolaide where it is okay to dream, believe in manifesting and the Law of Attraction and the realization that it is time to knock the super-serious shit off and enjoy life.  

[One of the fun things about growing up, or turning 40, is hitting that point in which you don’t care if people think you are a bit crazy. At this point in life, you have already accepted this as a truth.]

The great thing about Jen’s message is she embraces manifesting your dreams and the Law of Attraction with a practical approach. She navigates through the spiritual element and delivers her message with a no-frills common-sense tone that resonates.

A Practical Approach To The Law of Attraction

When I was a child, our family practiced our religion only on Sundays. You see, our house, like so many other homes these days, was infected with substance addiction. It was a home full of fear and the unknown which was topped off by contradictory teachings that told me that my day to day life did not fall in line with God’s teachings.

When I was fourteen, all of our family’s secrets were exposed when my dad landed himself in rehab. It was a humiliating experience because those around me realized that we lived a life of lies. 

I pulled away from any organized religion at that point. The embarrassment and the feeling of being judged by my peers for my father’s sins forever changed me.

I spent years believing in a higher power, yet steering clear of anything that may lead me to church on Sunday.  When I opened my mind and realized that the best things come to me in life when I give the best of me, my world changed. 

That is what the Law of Attraction is. Putting your best foot forward and the best comes your way. 

When Jen teaches her readers about the Law of Attraction, she addressed all of my fears about the Law of Attraction being either culty, religious, or perhaps even outright blasphemous. But her humor put me at ease.

Call it whatever you want — God, Goddess, The Big Guy, The Universe, Source Energy, Higher Power, The Grand Poobah, gut, intuition, Spirit, The Force, The Zone, The Lord, The Vortex, The Mother Lode—it doesn’t matter. – Jen Sincero , You Are a Badass®

It takes away the serious hokey-pokey and offers guidance and inspiration with an everyday tone.  It is like learning about a magical power from your best friend over a beer.

The Best Law of Attraction Book for Beginners

If you are ready to explore the power of the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend Jen Sincero’s book You Are a Badass®. [Disclaimer: I recommend this book if you know how to laugh and you are not stuffy.]

As a newbie to the idea that I can turn my dreams into my reality, I found this book full of easy to apply tasks that did not set me too far outside of my comfort zone.

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, open your mind, and get stuff done, this book will be your guide. It is fantastic exposure to a mighty powerful way of looking at the world and is a great place to start your journey of where you manifest your dreams.

What this book is…

  • Designed for the newbie to the idea of manifesting your dreams,
  • For those who benefit from a straight forward talk,
  • Inspirational for the ones who are not afraid to leap every now and then.

What this book is not…

  • A good read for the timid
  • For those who are easily insulted
  • Intended for those who are afraid to make a mistake every now and then

Learn Jen Sincero Skills to Manifest Your Dreams

So if you are ready to take the leap and manifest your dreams, I encourage you to go for it! This book is sure to make you laugh ’til you cry while you navigate from one aha moment to another.

Open your mind, imagine the life that you want to live, and then go for it!  

If you have read this book, please be sure to share your experience below! If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to run out and read it then come back and tell us what your biggest takeaways are!



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