Love Your Life! Pay Off Debt and Live Financially Free

In 2018 we woke up and realized the burden that our debt was placing on our lives.  Our youngest had moved out and we had the sudden realization that we were no longer young.   

We decided that the time had come for a change.  We paid off $50,000 in just six months.  Now we are here to help you do the same.  

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If you are looking to pay your debt off fast, we are here to help.  We realize that the longer things drag out, the harder they are to accomplish.

Staying motivated while you are paying off debt can be tricky.  To help you along the way, we have collected some of the most inspiring stories.

Dave Ramsey has been inspiring people and changing lives since the 90s.  Learn how to manage your money from the man that teaches us to be debt free.

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To help you out with managing your budget, Rob and I have come up with our Free Printable Kickass Budget + Goal Planner. This is a free tool designed to help you set goals, keep track of your money and build your dream future.

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