What Is The Meaning Of Life? Investing In The Experiences

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Investing.  It takes many forms. We go through life, and we usually limit our investing to just money.  But life is more than the money we have or invest. So, what is the meaning of life?

Life is our experiences.  Where we invest our time is just as crucial to our lives now as our money is to our future growth.

When we invest passion in what we do at home or at work.  This passion helps us to succeed, and take delight in our successes or to fail and learn from our failures.

And passions, well they can be big passions, like a marriage or children, or small passions like love for a town or state.

When raising our children, we didn’t give much thought to where we were going to raise them.

We did want them to grow up in a small town, it felt safer to us, as we grew up in small towns.

Since we live in Arizona, we raised them in a small town in Arizona.

It wasn’t the town that I grew up in, nor was it the town Heather grew up in.  We chose a place that neither of us had a history in, we wanted our kids to have their own place to discover themselves in.

We were born, raised, and still lived in Arizona, so might the hell raise the kids here, what else did we know?

To be honest what did it matter to us at that age? We were both so young and oblivious at the time.  We were happy to have food, transportation, and a roof over our heads.

What did it matter if we lived in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, or Mars? Well, Mars may have made a difference but the others? Nope, why would it?

Our daughter carries a passion for the state of Arizona that is as hard for me to understand as it is inspiring to me.

I like Arizona, I think it is a beautiful state to live in, but I don’t feel the passion that she does.

That a child of ours can carry such love and devotion to the place in which she was born and raised, well how can I not be inspired and be proud of that?

Too often we forget to take joy in the small aspects of our lives, we let the day to day hustle take over our thoughts, and the small pleasures get forgotten.  The fact that she carries this small joy with her is beautiful to me.

I don’t own a single Arizona shirt or sweater, our daughter owns about a dozen.

In pictures from the coast of Africa, she is wearing an AZ shirt.  Pictures from Texas? Yep, she is wearing an AZ sweatshirt. Iraq, Ireland, Germany, Canada? Always wearing a shirt sporting the place she is from and the place she loves, Arizona.

Now it isn’t a shirt advertising a sports team from AZ, nor is it a shirt promoting the states biggest natural attraction, The Grand Canyon.

It is simply a shirt or sweatshirt that says Arizona.  Sometimes with the name of the town, she was raised in. She loves sharing with people the fact that she is from and misses the state in which she was born and raised.

She invests a part of her self, into remembering who she is and where she comes from.

No matter where she goes, no matter what she is doing, she takes a part of her past with her.

She is a small town girl, from the mountains of Arizona. (And yes, people that are not from Arizona, we have mountains in Arizona.  We have snow as well, it isn’t all a vast desert!).

I asked her why she was loyal, so passionate about a state. She told me it was a place to ground her. That no matter where she goes in the world, she knows that she will always have a home. She likes having a place that she is a part of and that is a part of her.

She is young;  free to roam the world;  see the sights and help stand for her country, her state her town and her home.  She sees her love of Arizona as an investment in her future.

We all want a place to belong to, a place to call home. For her, a love of Arizona gives her that place and gives her a sense of peace.  To me, that is a priceless investment.

Are you connected to a state or town?  If so let us know why in the comments below.

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