Hustle! Legitimate Ways You Can Make Extra Money From Home

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Have you ever thought about making extra money from a side hustle or by working from home?

If so, you are not alone.  In 2017 a study by The Federal Reserve showed that thirty-one percent of Americans are working a side job.

The percentage of Americans working a side job is eye-opening.  It isn’t until you take a moment to look around, that you see there are opportunities to earn an extra income everywhere!

Don’t believe me?  Here are a few more statistics to convince you that working from home is not only legit…it is totally doable:

If a side job isn’t what you are looking for and you dream of working from home, this study may be of interest:  The US Census Bureau released a study that showed 8 million Americans, 5.2% of the US workforce, worked from home in 2017.

Looking to be your own boss?  A report from The Small Business Administration concluded that around 50% of all small businesses are run out of someones home.

E-commerce is playing a huge role in the changing climate.  With the decline of brick-and-mortar retail stores, home-based businesses are becoming more and more viable.  It is projected that by 2021, online retail sales will top 4.8 trillion dollars.

Ask yourself “Why should I consider making money from a side job?”

Your “why” is where you must start!  It is the answer to the question “why?” that will determine your success.

If you do not have a deep sense of what you are going to gain from working a side job, you will be miserable!  When we are miserable, our instinct is to quit.

So before we go any further and try to find a way for you to make more money, let’s identify your reason…your “why”.

Our why…

For Rob and I, the idea of a side hustle started when we successfully paid off our consumer debt.  Being free from our debt changed us.  It was the first time in our 26 years of marriage that we finally felt that our monthly financial obligations were not dictating our lives.

We raised two successful children in small-town America.  Our children were allowed to grow up in a community that knew them; that looked out for them.  That time has passed.  Now it is our time to chase our dreams.  

We are looking at our future and dreaming of a life in another town, or perhaps a life without a town.  Our goal is to be location independent!

So, are you ready to change your life by making a little extra money?

No matter what your reason for earning more money is, we are going to try to address your concerns, help you to avoid scams and expand your thinking so that you can see the income potential all around you.  By working a side job, maybe you will be able to…

  • Save up for that dream vacation or your first home;
  • End the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck;
  • Allow yourself to retire sooner;
  • Become location independent;
  • Empower yourself to leave a job you hate;
  • Turn wasted hours in your day into money;
  • Build your emergency fund;
  • Send your kids to college;

The list goes on!  Think big or think small…this is your dream…this is your goal!

One of the most frequently asked questions about working from home is “Where are the legitimate work at home jobs?”

Well, that is a good question.  I remember as a kid seeing the advertisements for work at home opportunities in magazines and the newspapers.  I remember reading articles like “Make $500 a week stuffing envelopes!” and thinking that would be a dream job.  Instead of being like mom and dad and having to go to work, I could sit around all day stuffing envelopes and make some serious money. 😊

With unrealistic “career opportunities” out there like that, it is no wonder people are skeptical about work from home opportunities.

Here Are Legitimate Ways You Can Make Money From Home

Ventures to make money, build wealth and create financial independence are all around us.  This is just to get you to start thinking!  Remember that the possibilities are endless! 😊


If you have some things laying around the house that you would like to sell, or you are looking for a legit side hustle, making money selling on eBay is a legitimate way to earn cash.  Ebay is an online marketplace that has been around since September 1995 and is still one of the most lucrative online marketplaces.

eBay is an online person-to-person marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from across the globe.  People are brought together in an environment where brick and mortar is inconsequential.  Whether you are looking for a good deal, or you are looking to make a few bucks, eBay is a scalable business that you can customize to your needs. You can run an auction here and there or run a robust online retail store.  The choice is up to you.

Create a Blog

So you enjoy writing?  Maybe a blog is for you.  Blogs are a great way to communicate with the world, share your story and meet people of a similar mindset.  If you have a passion, a blog is a great way to share it with the world.  Empty Nestin’ is our blog, and we are using it as an accountability tool while sharing products and services that have made a difference in our lives.

The crazy thing about a blog is you have the potential of earning money – – – insane amounts of money.

Rob and I frequent a site called Making Sense of Cents.  A blogger named Michelle posts her income statements from her blog.   Her monthly income for 2018 exceeds $100,000 after blogging for only eight years.  (Just a reality check:  Michelle’s earnings are not typical…just possible!)

Rob and I started our Blog Empty Nestin’ in August of 2018 with the intent of keeping us focused on our goal of early retirement.

We want to do some research, try some things out, work on building our investments and share our story and hope it inspires others.  If we make money…great!  If not, well we have expanded our minds, paid off our debt and built up our nest egg!  Win, win, win!

Use Ebates When Shopping Online (Wal-Mart, Kohls, Macy’s, JCPenney, etc.)

Although Ebates is not a job, it is a legitimate way for you to earn extra money when you shop online.  If you ever buy online, you should always use a cashback website like Ebates so that you can make extra money just for shopping online. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up or to earn the great money saving offers Ebates provides its members.

Savings is easy.  You click on a link from their website that leads you to the store you are interested in shopping at. Ebates earns money from your shopping using their retailer links, and they give you a part of what they receive back as a thank you for using them.

You can still use coupons and discounts when shopping as well, so it’s just an extra way to make money back on your purchases for very little work. You can sign up for Ebates here.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a digital community marketplace where users can arrange to buy, sell and trade items with other people in their community.  Since Facebook plays no role in facilitating or managing any of the transactions, there are no fees for this service.

It is just a great way to sell the stuff you do not want any longer without having to put out yard sale sign early in the morning!



Opening a Shopify store takes less than 15-minutes to get started as it is an all-in-one online store.  Shopify provides the hosting and allows you to utilize their e-commerce tools all for a monthly fee.  With Shopify, you can set up a drop shipping store so that you do not have to worry about investing in a ton of inventory.

Our 19-year-old college student recently set up his first Shopify store with his girlfriend.  Land Shark Co. is based on their ideas through sketches.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, pet sitting is a great way to make extra money.  Our pets are our kids these days.  When we leave Kunu home, we make sure he is in good hands.  This may cost us $50 a day, but it is money well spent.

We are not alone in being able to justify the expense of having our dog taken care of when we are traveling.  Pet sitting is an excellent way for you to continue to work your day job while earning extra money for watching someone’s furry family member.

Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is a legitimate side business that can make you money while taking care of someone else.  Do not underestimate the gratification you will have by helping others.  By mowing lawns, killing/removing weeds, cleaning gutters, raking leaves or pine needles, you can earn extra money that will help you to reach that goal you set for yourself.

Critter Ridder

That’s right!  Help others get rid of the wild animal that has intruded upon their home.  Whether it is a family of raccoons in a crawl through space, or bats in the attic, helping people get rid of unwanted guests can be a real money maker.

Amazon Self-Publish

Amazon allows an artist to take their talent directly to their audience.  The years of seeking out a publisher who will hear you out or having to invest a large amount of money to self-publish are no more.  Amazon’s Self-Publish opportunities allow writers to publish their ideas with ease.

Our son, being the natural entrepreneur he is, published his first book of poetry on Amazon at the age of sixteen.  I remember we came home late one evening and before he went to bed; he asked what we thought of him publishing a book on Amazon.   The next morning he updated us and let us know turned that idea into a reality.

Winterizing Homes

We live in a community that is very seasonal.  In Arizona, we have snowbirds.  They leave the Phoenix heat in the summertime and come to the mountains to their summer cabins.  Living in a town in which tourism and seasonal guest makes the economy a tricky place to make a living.  One way that people make excellent side income around here is by winterizing homes for our summer visitors.

(Yes – there are mountains in Arizona & it does get cold 😊)

Walk dogs

If you are a dog lover, this one may be for you!  As stated in the title of this post, we are focusing on legitimate ways to make money.  Walking a dog is legit!  Whether you walk a dog during your lunch or on your way home from work, dog walking is a great way to make money on the side and get a bit of exercise in.


Housesitting is a great way to help out your neighbor or have a great place to stay for no cost.  Often, housesitting is as simple as making sure the houseplants are watered, turning on a sprinkler in a yard, or feeding someone’s fish.

Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Not only is becoming an Uber or Lyft driver a way to make money, but it is also a great way to do a service for your community.  The days of taxis are coming to a close.  People driving people is societies new way of getting someone to their day job when they do not have transportation or making sure people make it home safely after a night out on the town.  If you have a reliable mode of transportation, you may want to make some side money by helping others with the ride they need.

Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow is a chore that not everyone can do yet is something that has to be done.  Reach out to your neighbors and let them know that you will be happy to keep their walkways and driveway clean this winter.  If you invest in a snow blower, you can get two or three homes taken care of at the same time it would take you to clean up your own house.

Babysit or Become a Nanny

This may seem like a timeless side job, and that is because it is!  There are always families looking for someone to take care of their most prized possessions when they are unable too.  I remember as a kid, babysitting was my first exposure to earning my own money.  As a parent, I know our goal was just finding that person that would care for our kids when we were away.

Scoop poop

When researching legitimate ways to make money, I came across a website that listed a poop scooper as a side job.  My narrow mind couldn’t realize the potential.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I saw a Dodge pickup on my way home advertising their poop scoop business.  It was after researching the business’ Facebook page that Rob and I saw this as a money-making endeavor.

This business not only cleans homeowner’s yards, but it also cleans stables, sanitizes and deodorizes area of contamination, walks dogs, boards dogs, and so much more!  This business appears to be rocking it!

Help people fix things around their home

If you are handy in any way, you need to understand that you have a marketable skill that someone is willing to pay you for your help.  The realization that we have a marketable skill is sometimes hard to realize, but if you have a knack for patching holes, painting rooms or installing toilets, let people know you have this skill.

From a simple ad in the newspaper to getting the word out on Facebook, there are so many ways that you can connect with your community and put your handy skills to work and make some.

Clean houses

Cleaning is something that many people dread, do not have time for or have a disability that prevents them from doing the job themselves. Cleaning homes is a legit job that will not go away!  There will always be a demand!

If you are good at cleaning, then you may be able to find clients who want you to come to their home to clean. Word of mouth and referrals will be your bread and butter in this industry.

Move furniture

Whether someone is moving in or out of their home or just purchased a room full of furniture, moving furniture is a hirable task. If you are good at organizing, have an attention to detail and enjoy working with homeowners, a side job where you move stuff for people may be the work at home business for you!


BeFrugal is one of our favorite online shopping site that pays us to shop.  Although this is not a job, it is a legitimate way to earn extra money online.  BeFrugal is a great way to ensure you are getting the best deals when you travel, buy back to school clothes or when you are merely buying your household items from  It is a great way to stretch your dollar.  When you sign up for BeFrugal, they start you off with a $10 credit just for signing up.

Work at home

What other ideas can you come up with to make extra money?

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