How Hypnosis Helped Us Quit Smoking – What You Need To Know

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I Love Your Laugh

If you are wanting to quit smoking, hypnosis may be a great tool to help you out. In this post, you will learn all about our story and how hypnosis helped us quit smoking.

It is amazing to think it has been 568 days since my last cigarette. It’s hard to believe because I loved smoking. Smoking was my comfort. It was my reward. My me time. My chill the hell out moment. Smoking was one of my longest and dearest friends.

I had joked for years that my wonderful smoking habit was my way of being able to retire early.

[We all have to have a plan – right?]

I figured, as long as I am doing something I love, it’s all good.

Then in 2018, our son headed off to college. Reality hit Rob and me over the head and pointed out the obvious: time was slipping away. We were no longer those adorable high school sweethearts – we were smack dab in our forties. Yuck!

All of a sudden, we realized our early retirement plan sucked! Visions of lugging around an oxygen tank began to creep into my mind.

Then the realization that I was increasing my risk of having a stroke.

[A stroke would be complete hell for this control freak!]

So, in 2018, Rob and I spent two months coming up with a game plan to stop smoking.

It was a quiet goal that we really didn’t want to share with others. This was the type of goal that if we backed out, we did not want pressure from others. Then we hear story after story of people quitting smoking following hypnosis.

It was like The Universe was kicking our butt with the idea of being hypnotized to stop smoking.

To help you out…

I know that when we were looking to quit smoking, we had so many questions and so much anxiety. The idea of trying to quit and failing again was almost paralyzing.

Rob and I talked for weeks before we scheduled our appointment with a hypnotist.  

Just a fun fact about me: I have an obsessive personality. I also believe that all humans have the ability to accomplish anything they want. All they have to do is ask the right question.

So in this post, I will do my best to answer some of the questions I had when we started our smoke-free journey. If I miss a question, please be sure to add it to the comments section below.

  • What is the most effective way to stop smoking?
  • How can I give up smoking?
  • Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking?
  • How much does it cost to be hypnotized to stop smoking?
  • What happens to your body when you quit smoking?
  • Can I have just one cigarette?
  • How long does nicotine withdrawal last?
  • What can I do instead of smoking?
  • Can hypnosis make you stop smoking?

You will find answers to all these questions and more in our stop smoking with hypnosis review.

What is the most effective way to stop smoking?

“What is the most effective way to stop smoking?” is such a generalized question to a habit that is so personal.

I started smoking when I was sixteen in my attempts to rebel against the world that failed me. [Got to love the late eighties – – early nineties!]

Smoking was my way of letting all the messed up adults know that they could no longer control me.

Times change. The crazy thing is, I held on to my smoking to stand my ground. I was not a person that could be controlled, and I was not afraid of being part of the outside crowd. As smoking became more and more socially unacceptable, I stood my ground.

From my experience, I found that identifying my story was a huge part of my process in quitting.  

So, what’s your story? Why did you start, and why do you want to quit? The only way you are going to be able to quit this habit is by identifying your “why.” Your “why” will be your comfort and strength when times are hard. Knowing your “why” is the only effective way to stop smoking.

  • Health?
  • Money?
  • Losing a loved one to a smoking-related illness?
  • Fear of death?
  • Quality of life?

Smoking is a personalized habit – – – you are going to need a personalized solution!

How can I give up smoking?

There are so many ways to give up smoking, and well, between Rob and I, we have tried nearly everything.

  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Wellbutrin prescription
  • Cold turkey
  • Ease your way off method
  • E-Cigarettes

The thing is, our “why” was not our own. Our goal to quit was always for someone else. The decision was always about someone else’s benefit and never because we truly wanted to give up our BFF.

Be honest. Your cigarettes become a best friend.

If you have ever tried and failed to quit smoking, I am sure that you know what I am talking about:

  • Nagging spouse [mother or mother-in-law – or overbearing father or father-in-law]
  • Kids
  • Work
  • Social reasons

You name it. The “why” was not initiated by you.

So until you are ready to quit for you, no method is going to help you give up smoking. You need to do it for you!

Rob and I were finally successful. Why? We wanted to live! We want life over a smoke! It is that simple!

I bet your asking yourself “Why in the hell am I reading this? I wanted to learn about using hypnosis to help me stop smoking! I need something easy.”

I know this because I did the same search for answers before we hired a hypnotist.  

Next topic is the hypnosis part. You just have to realize…there is no magic wand!  You have to be the one deciding the time has come to quit. If not, no matter what you try, you will fail.

Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking?

Now for the million-dollar question: Does hypnosis work for giving up smoking?

All I can say is that the last time I smoked, or Rob smoked, was prior to our hypnosis session.
I wish I could give you the big “hell, yeah! It was a piece of cake!” response you seek, but that would not be ethical. It would not be ethical because quit smoking was not easy!

I was pissed off, uncomfortable, full of anxiety, and to top it off, I did not have my only coping mechanism. My cigarettes!

I wanted a cigarette so damn bad, I started puffing on cinnamon sticks. Then I ate anything that didn’t run to fast. To top it off, I bought fidget toys because my hands ached so bad.

To tell you it was easy, it would be a bald-face lie. But I also feel that it would be a bald-faced lie if I were to say the hypnosis did not help. After all, the last time I smoked was over a year and a half ago.

The one thing that I am certain of is if I had to go through the process again, I would not change a thing.

How much does it cost to be hypnotized to stop smoking?

The cost will vary based on your location. We are in Arizona, and the going rate is $200 a session. We used our Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for the visit and so our out of pocket was $0.00.  In some ways it felt like it was free to use hypnosis to stop smoking. 

When it comes to the cost of the hypnosis, the ticket price really does not paint the whole picture.

A month and a half after we quit, I went in for my teeth cleaning. Our dentist was so excited! She made a comment that we should take the money that we were spending on smoking and put it into a separate savings account.

Then we could take that money and go on a fancy trip or something. She went on with her suggestion and said that if we started smoking again, we could donate the money to a charitable cause.

Since I am all about challenges, I decided to give it a whirl. To date, we have set aside almost $8,000.

The cool thing about the money is, our adult son ended up with $3,000 worth of medical bills. We were able to use the money for his health; rather than destroying our health.

Then when my dad passed away that same year. We had money sitting there to pay for a probate attorney.

It is amazing how, when you let it happen, The Universe just takes care of stuff!

What happens to your body when you quit smoking?

This experience is different for everyone.

For me, I felt like I could wash the bad habit away. I took two or three showers a day for the first week.
It was the strangest experience, as I finally realized that I was addicted to smoking. For some reason, I never thought I was addicted to smoking. I just thought I was damn good at it.

For Rob, he had an empty feeling come over him. He just couldn’t shake the idea that he was missing something.

For us, the experience felt like the mourning of an old friend.

I know, my review of using hypnosis to stop smoking is not a resounding yes it works or no it doesn’t work. You just need to remember, I have spent 568 days not smoking.

Can I have just one cigarette?

Please be very observant of my word selection:  I have spent 568 days not smoking.  

I am very careful in my message to myself because I know that if I have just one cigarette, it’s all over.

When I was a child, I remember my grandad always saying he is an alcoholic, yet I never saw the man drink a day in my life. He always told me that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.

When we stopped smoking, it dawned on me. I need to have the same mindset.

You see, I had quit smoking for two long stints in our marriage. Both times it was related to my pregnancies. But for some reason, my rebellious side would kick in, and I would pick up a smoke. All it took was one cigarette, and I was back to a pack a day. Every day, I remind myself that today will be another smoke-free day.

We definitely all handle things in our own way. Rob still has a pack of smokes somewhere in our house. He finds comfort knowing that they are there because he can always have on if he wants one.

In one of my favorite books, You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, she faces her smoking addiction by not negotiating:

I’m not going to go home and negotiate about whether or not I’m going to smoke a cigarette just as I’m not going to go home and negotiate about whether or not to snort some horse tranquilizers. I don’t negotiate about snorting horse tranquilizers because I’m not a horse tranquilizer snorter. Now that I don’t smoke, I’m not going to negotiate about smoking because I don’t smoke.

How long does nicotine withdrawal last?

How long does nicotine withdrawal last is a question that I Googled over and over because I did not like the answers I was finding:

Withdrawal symptoms set in between 4 and 24 hours after a person smokes their last cigarette. The symptoms peak around day 3 of quitting and then gradually subside over the following 3 to 4 weeks. – Medical News Today


Withdrawal symptoms typically last between a week and a month. The first week after you stop is the worst, and after that, the intensity of the symptoms tends to drop over the next month. – Very Well Mind


Craving cigarettes, feeling sad or irritable, or trouble sleeping are some common symptoms. Some people say it feels like a mild case of the flu. For most people, the worst symptoms last a few days to a few weeks. – SmokeFee.Gov

I think back to the initial days following our hypnosis treatment and remember the feeling shocked by how bad I felt.  

Reading that the withdrawal symptoms could go on for weeks terrified me. The thing is, the thought of smoking terrified me more.

I don’t know if that was the act of the hypnotist or if that was my self-preservation kicking in. I just know that I had an overwhelming amount of willpower and determination that I never had with…

  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Wellbutrin prescription
  • Cold turkey
  • Ease your way off method
  • E-Cigarettes

I was hell-bent on letting go of this dysfunctional relationship and move on with my life.

What can I do instead of smoking?

The first week of being smoke-free was definitely the most challenging. My mind struggled as my body healed. The desire to smoke, irritability, and brain fog were all there. I showered, took baths, and slept a lot.  

I was trying to figure out how to quiet my mind. I had an enormous amount of time on my hands. So I needed to figure my stuff out! 

When we quit smoking, I was taken back by all the time I had on my hands. Since I did not smoke indoors or in my car, I spent a ton of time sneaking away to the smokers area.

At a pack a day, five minutes for each smoke, I spent 100 minutes a day standing around. [Damn, I never really thought of it like that! No wonder I was anxious when I quit.]

You can do this…

Hands:  My hands ached. I needed something to keep them busy. I headed over to Amazon and found a package of Tangels. This little toy is fantastic! It allows kept my hands busy by taking something apart and putting it back together.

Laugh:  The feelings of giving up may set in. In my experience, laughing is a perfect way of chasing out any and all negative thoughts. Make sure that you surround yourself with people that you love to laugh with. They will help you to feel stronger! If they smoke, no problem! Smoking does not make someone a good person or a bad person. You are the one who wants to quit – – own it! Your new smoke-free life includes all those people you love!

Antsy:  I love to keep busy, and it felt like a big chunk of time was dumped on my lap all at one time.   Which was awesome, but an adjustment.  Rather than heading out to the smokers area, I started walking. I slapped on my headphones and started moving. I am so glad that I did because I ended up with an insatiable appetite. Remember…if it didn’t run too fast, I ate it!

If you decide now is your time to quit, know it is not going to be easy, know that it will be totally freaking awesome when you do though!

Conclusion – How Hypnosis Helped Us Quit Smoking.

Quitting smoking is no easy task!  No matter what tool you use, willpower and determination are required.  Just remember, addiction is hell, and all you have to do is not smoke.  If you were addicted to food or shopping, you would have to learn self-control. 

This is simple in comparison.  All you have to do is stop!

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