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When your kids move out, it can feel as if life is upside down; as if it has lost purpose.  From the emotional responses to the financial changes, the experience of our children moving on is one that that can be very challenging.

When we were facing the upcoming life changes of our baby moving out, we used any and all resources available to navigate through the uncharted waters.

For us, the information and available tools online made our journey more comfortable.   I Love Your Laugh is our way to give back a bit and hopefully provide a bit of help and guidance to others.

Here is a bit of our backstory...

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad in life that forced you to step back and reevaluate your “why”?  That is what Rob and I went through at the end of 2017.  Our baby moved out.  At the age of 42 and 45, the time that we never thought would happen was upon us.  Our nest was empty. 

The silence in our home was deafening.  It was the moment that we had to look at one another from new eyes and decide where do we go from here?  Who are we?  Do we even like one another?  Heck, do we even like ourselves?

So many questions and now was the time that we had to face our fears.

Rob and I started our lives together at a young age.   I was sixteen when we said, “I do.”  Rob and I quickly ventured into the scary world of parenting a short nine months later.

Although this wasn’t our plan, it was where we were.  We had to grow up fast and say goodbye to our childhood as we clumsily navigate through the wonderful world of being parents.

Living paycheck to paycheck...

Living paycheck to paycheck didn’t seem to define our station in life.  We were just young, dumb, and happy.  Although we were not quite sure of what we should be doing, we knew our “why.”

Our beautiful baby girl.With the young and dumb pumping through our veins, and a five-year recovery time-period behind us, our bravery hit, and we decided to grow our family.

Our “why” grew with the birth of our son.  Now we had these two little lives depending on us.  We were responsible for providing them with shelter, food, clothing, and guidance.

As time passed, our role and our station changed.  We went from buying their Christmas the day after Christmas to saving up for a few months to make sure that our Christmas gifts didn’t disappoint.

We all grew up…

As the kids grew, our income grew too.

I went out in the workforce, and our ability to provide became easier and less dependent on us planning.

With the years of paycheck to paycheck behind us, the grand idea of separate checking accounts was implemented.  Rob and I were finally free of responsibility…or at least that is how it felt.

Time flew by, just like how time does.  Our daughter went on to live her adventurous life, traveling the globe, while serving her country.

Year after year our spending increased, and our savings shrunk.  This exhilarating feeling of freedom became a life of dining out, Amazon Prime, and sizable independent purchases.

Then the time came...

It was time for our baby to move out.  With shock and disbelief, it was time for Rob and me to focus on us.  It was like strangers standing right in front of one another.

Strangers who built a life together over a 25-year period.  We stood there thinking of the things we had left unsaid; left unsaid because we hid behind being excellent parents.

I Love Your Laugh is our journey that we are inviting you along for.  Our journey to find ourselves and to find each other.

In 2018 we decided to get our shit together by:

  • Paying off debt
  • Saying goodbye to bad habits
  • And working toward our dream life

We are here to help you with that same journey.  The journey of discovery as you find out what you are truly made of!

XOXO- Rob + Heather

Life is not perfect, but is sure as hell is awesome! 

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